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Collect your favorite teams and stars

Epics works directly with teams and is fully licensed. Every Epics card you purchase supports esports teams and helps build the professional esports ecosystem!

More coming soon!

We're working on adding more teams, games and content categories, so stay tuned!

Epics are the Ultimate Digital Collectibles

Front of Card

Every card has a unique mint number and a rarity within the collection. The rarer the card and lower the mint number, the higher the card's rating

Back of Card - Profile

Every player has a story and Epics wants to share it with you. Our cards feature rich player biographies to help you get to know your favorite stars, as well as get acquainted with new players

Back of Card - History

Track every transaction for every card from the time it was made to the time it landed in your hands. Keep an eye out - you never know who could have owned a card in the past!

Own a Piece of Esports History...

Relics are a revolutionary new way to own some of the most valuable skins in esports. They are unique digital collectibles that combine skins used in game by legendary esports players with Epics cards. Imagine owning Fribergs's Karambit or Pascha Biceps' Dragon Lore...

"A Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin with a Skadoodle sticker sold for over $61,000"

Digital memorabilia like Relics are already massive among collectors and Epics takes it to a new level

Trade to get what you need

Discover a thriving global community of collectors to trade with. Find limited edition cards, up and coming players and other rare items to build a valuable collection over time.

Get what you want and sell what you don't

Sell your duplicates and unwanted items on the market and barter with friends and foes to get the lowest mint numbers to rank up the leaderboards!

Compete on the Leaderboards

Get the lowest mint numbers and the rarest cards - with a leaderboard for every single collection and a global community of traders, there's a way for everyone to reach the top!

Collect, share and trade your favorite CSGO stars

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